Mailvox: Brainstorm reactions

Some emails in response to the recent Brainstorm with Mike Cernovich, author of Gorilla Mindset.

  • Was definitely an added value on top of what you two are already producing for those of us with ears to hear!  I’m the Jim that asked about the artist website and it really helped to hear your feedback, in fact I shot my first short video today and put it up on my website and Facebook. nothing great, 80/20, but it was action and felt good to know I’m on the right path. Again, thanks to both of you guys..Men…for showing us what we are capable of. That’s leadership.
  • I have been visiting your blog over the past few weeks. Your article about Gorilla Mindset talked me into buying the book for my 27 year old son. I greatly enjoyed sitting in on the webinar and feel justified in my decision to purchase the book.
  • Nicely done, informative, I like how it was not too visual… Also, nice tap dancing at the beginning.You know I read you the first couple of years because you annoyed all the right people, but I’m really starting to warm to you and your works.Keep it up. 

LL wasn’t at the Brainstorm, but he did read SJWs Always Lie in a single sitting and was inspired to write a blog post about the Social Justice Warrior:

If you do not know the Social Justice Warrior in your midst it is because he or she (hereafter she) seems so innocuous that she has not caught your eye; and you have not caught hers because you and she have not yet had a social justice run-in.

Once you do, the SJW will be like a mole digging tunnels under your feet. The stable footing you once thought you had in a company that has employed you with satisfaction for over fifteen years will suddenly give way, and you will find yourself neck deep in a quagmire, seated before a panel of inquiry investigating an alleged infringement of the company’s Code of Conduct by YOU.
What the f..!

Advice for the day: Be patient. Be very, very patient. Your turn will come in time.