“Swedes” attacked at school

The 21-year-old man, who launched a sword attack on a school in Sweden and stabbed two teachers and two pupils, stopped to pose for pictures with students before continuing his horrific spree.

Wearing a mask and holding a sword already covered in blood, the attacker, stands next to two young students at the school, seconds before stabbing a teacher, who died at the scene. Another teacher was rushed to hospital alongside the injured students, two boys aged 11 and 15. The 11-year-old later died from his wounds.

The MailOnline understands the suspected killer to be Anton Lundin-Petterson, from Trollhättan, north of Gothenburg. 

Now, Mr. Lundin-Petterson could just be a simple nutter going after the nearest soft target, but I expect this is another early skirmish in Reconquista 2.0. What do I mean by early? The police are still responding regardless of who the assailants are. We’ll know events have progressed beyond the early stages when the police not only stop defending the invaders, but begin to engage in offensive action themselves.

Many people are angry, murderously angry, over the invasion of their countries. I am dubious that the equalitarian propaganda is going to hold up much longer.

As I have said numerous times before, it is those who have permitted the invasions who are chiefly to blame for these horrors.