The latest GOP disaster-in-waiting

Paul Ryan was a terrible candidate for both VP and President. Why does anyone think he’s going to be a good Speaker of the House? Ann Coulter certainly doesn’t:

Imagining a photo of himself on the mantle of every black household in America, Ryan touts his forum on poverty, saying, “There are few challenges tougher than the fight against poverty, and we need all hands on deck.”

Wow. What a caring person. No one’s ever talked about poverty before! (Have they?)

About a decade ago, I met an actor, the hot new thing, at an agent’s party. He excitedly told me his big idea: A war on poverty! I told him to look up “LBJ,” but he earnestly persisted, saying, yeah, sure, maybe LBJ talked about poverty, but no one had ever called for “a war on poverty.” See, that was the key — the war part.

That was a mentally impaired actor. Now a decade later, I’m hearing the same thing from the man House Republicans want to make their speaker.

All of human experience has already taught us how to fight poverty, and it doesn’t involve the words “opportunity,” “empowerment” or “zone.”

Effective: Don’t pay people not to work. The 1996 welfare reform act, with its time limits and work requirements, reduced welfare caseloads by an astronomical 65 percent, as former recipients entered the workforce.

Ineffective: Self-flattering politicians jabbering about how much they care about poverty, then creating behemoth government programs that give corporations tax breaks for pretending to help the poor.

Effective: Stop dumping millions of low-wage workers on the country to drive down wages. America’s booming, prosperous middle class arose in the 40-year period after immigration was virtually shut down in 1924 — until Teddy Kennedy opened the floodgates to the Third World in 1965.

Ineffective: Demanding an endless supply of cheap immigrant labor favored by your corporate donors, subsidized by the long-suffering middle class, while strutting around like you’re Martin Luther King.

If you sincerely want to help poor Americans, especially poor black Americans, there are two things that must be done before anything else.

  1. Stop all immigration.
  2. Repatriate 50 million Hispanic and Asian immigrants and their children. 

This is straightforward economics. If you want to raise wages, reduce the supply of labor. Also, white people simply don’t understand how much Hispanics hate blacks or how much Asians despise them. Being racially solipsistic, they just lump everyone into two categories, white and not-white. But ironically, despite all their self-flagellating and breast-beating, whites, especially American whites, are the least racially conscious people on the planet.

They are so racially unaware that they don’t even realize that most not-whites hate other not-whites considerably more than whites do. And those like Rep. Ryan who wander around seeking their Martin Luther King merit badge reliably do more harm to the black community than good.