What is this, Craigslist?

A lady looking for an SJW-free home figured it might make sense to try looking here:

Since Ilkotism has worked so well for employment, I am hoping that you would be willing to extend it to housing. I am seeking a female roommate for my small-but-cozy apartment in Portland, Oregon. The location is central and the rent reasonable. I would love an SJW-free home, if possible, and know that there are Ilk in the area.

If you fit the bill: female, non-SJW, and looking for a place in Portland, email me with PORTLAND in the subject.

Also, someone had three technical jobs at a well-known corporation that I was intending to post here, but I can’t seem to find the email. I’m sorry about that. If you’re still looking for people, please email me again.

Meanwhile, the paperback appears to have gotten off to a rather good start. I’m pleased to know there is still so much interest in it. I have to admit, the juxtaposition of names in the Political Philosophy category never ceases to amuse me. I may have a high opinion of myself, but I’m not delusional.