Mike Cernovich explains social media

If I learned one thing from having dinner with Mike in Barcelona, it is that he really knows what he’s talking about with regards to social media. I am absolutely convinced that if he was an attractive, thirty-something blonde woman, he would already have his own show on Fox.

Here is his response to people requesting links from him:

Book reviews by me have led to sales of:

    500 copies of Get Serious
    250 copies of Launch by Jeff Walker
    500 copies of Choose Yourself
    100 copies of SJWs Always Lie
    50 copies of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

The average book sells 250 in its first year. A review from me can sell that many by itself.

Those reviews also sell books forever, as many people find them after Googling, “[book title] review.”

Those are direct sales. Once you factor in word out mouth from your recommendations to your friends, the numbers are much higher.

I’ve sold more pre-sale copies of Essays on Embracing Masculinity in a few days than most authors will ever sell.

That’s not bragging. That’s simply reality.

Be honest. You want links from me because you want money for yourself. You want my links because you want money in your pocket or fame, or whatever.

That doesn’t make you a bad person. Be honest about your motivations when asking me for something. You’re not fooling me.

One reason that Mike, Milo, Roosh and I get along so well in spite of our many obvious differences is that we understand and respect what the others have accomplished in gradually building their platforms. I respect Mike’s mastery of social media, Milo’s incendiary star quality, and Roosh’s dogged courage. But above all, each of us comprehends the importance of being straightforward with the others and presenting a consistent allied front in the face of attacks from enemies and moderates alike.

As Mike notes, most people are short-sighted and self-serving. Such people can never be regarded as allies, not even if they share your beliefs and objectives, because they will turn on you the moment they believe, rightly or wrongly, it is in their immediate interest to do so. There are plenty of people who are regarded as “good” or “nice” who I do not trust at all and with whom I would never ally simply because I have seen them turn on someone for inconsequential reasons.

So, to expand on what Mike is saying a bit, if you want links and if you want assistance from more influential people in social media, you have to demonstrate your credibility and why you merit any such assistence and attention. First, show that you’re useful. Second, and perhaps more importantly, show that you’re loyal to your existing friends and allies; if you can’t demonstrate that, then how is anyone supposed to believe that you will behave any differently with them once they’ve given you what you want?

Translation: if you not only haven’t reviewed Mike’s book, but can’t point to your reviews of anyone else’s books either, why should he review yours? I haven’t been stabbed in the back as often as Mike has, but I have certainly been disappointed to see an individual show his true colors on more than one occasion. Then again, I am more pessimistic about human nature than Mike, so perhaps that is why I am less often surprised to the downside.

Regardless, as Mike says, “You must show you are a man of integrity and loyal.”

Anyone with even a modicum of social media influence is already under a constant barrage of requests, demands, and “hey, I just thought you might be interested” from more directions than you can probably imagine. I’ve lost track of how many new social media platforms alone contact me several times a week, to say nothing of the online advertisers and authors who want me to review their books when I am already behind on Castalia submissions.

Neither Mike nor I are complaining; we are big boys and this comes with the territory. But perhaps it is useful to put these realities into perspective if you’re wondering why you don’t have similar alliances.

In any event, I know I am very, very fortunate to have such a battle-hardened, enthusiastic, and loyal group of readers, regulars, tifosi,
or however you might prefer to label yourself. A few social media
stars have emailed me to express their amazement and awe about the Dread
Ilk, and ask me how they can similarly energize their followings. I
don’t know if my answer, “be very, very evil and show neither mercy nor
remorse to the contemptible foe” was particularly helpful or not, but we Supreme Dark Lords are
nothing if not obliging.

Also, I would be
remiss if I failed to note that the VFM are now 450-strong. And if you hear nothing but silence for months, fear not. Your summons will come in time.