The Most Dangerous Book in America

A new book review of SJWs Always Lie:

It begins with a primer on the forces of intolerance and thought control that are currently active in today’s society, and provides a revealing look at the hearts and minds of those at the forefront of shutting down open and honest debate. It uses the on-going saga of GamerGate to provide an in-depth analysis of one front in the culture war, and to illustrate the standard playbook of those who prosecute the modern day Salem Witch Trials. The book then segues into effective counter-strategies that can be used against them. Generally the counter-strategies are defensive in nature, but if practiced on a wide-spread scale by individuals and small groups, they result in a powerful offensive strategy capable of pushing back against the totalitarians in our midst.

While the background and tactical studies portions of the book are worth the cover price, the real value of this book lies in its clarion call to like-minded individuals who have long been silenced by the insidious tactics of those who would outlaw dissent. The seemingly endless string of successes by those who support destructive public policies can often lead to feelings of resignation and cynicism among those who oppose the modern day tyranny of censorship, but this book underlain by an energizing message of hope and optimism meant to inspire the reader to fight the good fight, and by that measure it is a wild success.

It may not directly inspire an earth-shaking demonstration that single-handedly changes the world, but it is easy to imagine “SJWs Always Lie” inspiring countless acts of quiet resistance that together add up to a powerful and undeniable pushback against the entire culture of thought-crimes. In that way, this book helps serve as a bellows heating up the spark of freedom that still lurks in the hearts of all men, which – if we are lucky – will fan the flames of an honest debate between those who hold a defense of truth, real justice, and the American way against those who believe the spread of lies, false justice, and slavery are virtues.