Time runs out for the traitoress

It will be interesting to see if Merkel survives long enough to be put on trial for her crimes against Germany and the German people:

Merkel Increasingly Isolated

The griping over Merkel’s policies has grown louder within her own party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). The meetings of the party’s parliamentary group, which for many years radiated the boredom of an English gentleman’s club, now resemble tribunals against the chancellor. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, the strong man in Merkel’s cabinet, also expressed his own dissatisfaction, in distant Peru, by cracking jokes about border controls in the former East Germany.

Merkel is looking increasingly isolated. Government sources say she has made refugee policy her personal concern, and now she is being left to deal with it on her own. Last week, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière confided in his Luxembourg counterpart, telling him that Merkel did not have a plan, only “cold feet.”

It’s not my concern. I’m not German and I am not subject to jury duty in Germany. But I will say that if I were, I would most certainly vote to find her guilty of crimes against Germany as well as crimes against humanity. She is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians already.

To top it all off, the Merkel crisis is going to drive Germany into the red this year. She is, without question, the worst leader that Germany, East, West, or United, has had since Hitler.