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“The most dangerous book in America”, SJWs Always Lie, is now available at BookDepository.

In case you’re still on the fence about reading it, it is also reviewed at Kairos:

The book was originally conceived as a polemic, but the end result is
more like a field guide to navigating the SJW-riddled minefields of
Western academia, business, and media. Vox shares accounts of people who
lost their employment and reputations to social justice witch hunts,
walks the reader through a step by step analysis of the SJW attack
sequence, and offers actionable advice for what to do when you come
under fire for alleged violations of ever-shifting social justice

In reading SJWAL, it fascinated me how much SJWs’ elitist, polarizing, and unaccountable attitudes resemble those of a cult.
This observation is consistent with the fact that all malignant
ideologies now threatening Western civilization are Christian heresies
to some degree.

Heresy isn’t simply untruth. It’s a truth unhinged from other balancing
truths and exaggerated out of proportion. Pelagianism was the
overemphasis on human will to the exclusion of grace. Arianism focused
on Christ’s divine Sonship to the point of denying His divinity.
Similarly, the SJW cult absolutizes social justice while rejecting the
immutable nature from which human rights are derived.

The mental state required to embrace such a self-contradictory worldview
is responsible for Vox’s First Law of SJWs and the title of his book.
Because they believe that adopting an irrational ideology makes them
morally superior to everyone else, SJWs have no qualms about lying to
advance their goals. This includes smearing, libeling, and falsely accusing others.

SJWAL‘s most valuable public service has been sounding a wake-up
call to ordinary people whose well-meant misconception that SJWs could
be reasoned or compromised with allowed their witch hunts to gain so
much traction.

Meanwhile, having been roundly trounced on the rhetorical front, SJWs are trying to think of what they can call us. Presumably besides “racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigot hater”.