A problem easily solved

The season is about to turn. The German women are beginning to panic as they realize that they are more frightened of a Muslim-occupied future than they are of their National Socialist past.

    “None of us want this. We’re all scared.”“What is this? How will this be in 100 years?”

    “This is not my life. It just shows you how many of them are here already.”

    “Now there’s another 1.5 million who came this year.”

    “Every year 2-3 million arrive.”

    “It’s generally about foreign infiltration.”

    “Yes, exactly.”

    “We won’t dress like we do now.”

    “Here, no! They won’t take anything from me!”

    “Look, when I walk through the streets of the city, it’s only foreigners!”

    “There are walking 50 foreigners and I only see one European face.”

    “Look at the women! They’re all veiled!”

    “This is our future.”

No, it’s not. The situation could be resolved in less than one month if outsourced to the Russians. Or if the German people find the inner steel to embrace their nationalism again. It’s not exactly hard to understand what the core problem is.