Cuck-slapping Charles Murray

Charles Murray has done some genuinely good and courageous work in the past, but with regards to immigration, he jumped several sharks this day:

Charles Murray @charlesmurray
It could be the 1850s and the Know Nothings. Same fear, same rhetoric, same fascist tendencies. And I don’t use “fascist” loosely.

Mike Cernovich ‏@Cernovich
Fascism in 1850?  Did you have a stroke, Charles? 

Ken Zimmern ‏@KenZimmern
Opposing uncontrolled immigration is not fear, it’s national preservation. Sensible immigration necessary.

zerg_rush ‏@zerg_rush01
why not replace Charles with a cheaper, more eager Eritrean equivalent?

SpookyGoyScaryToy ‏@WorldWarMeme
only thing you can be too conservative on is immigration apparently.Old cucks are wasting rhetoric, they’ve lost

Jack Hanson ‏@jhansonwrites
600k plus Americans died because of Yankee “altruism”. How many millions are going 2 die this time?

Preston S. Brooks ‏@Rebel_Bill
So is this willful blindness or are you signalling that the Koch Brothers have bought you?

Enlightened Cow ‏@bendiestraw
Why is it always the people that live in HUGELY white areas are for diversity and mass immigration? His town is 99% white.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Not to mention the worst thing about the 1850s, when the Know Nothings rounded up the Jews and killed them at Auschwitz.

Charles Murray doesn’t use the term “fascist” loosely. He uses it ahistorically and incorrectly.