Mailvox: China gears up

This email pretty much echoed my thoughts on the matter:

Yesterday I told my wife, “Watch – when China really feels its oats and gets serious about colonizing and taking Africa, they’ll drop the one child policy.”

Then this morning I see this report:

China’s ruling Communist Party announced Thursday that the country will start allowing all families to have two children, abolishing an unpopular policy that limited many urban couples to only one child for more than three decades.

The decision is the most significant easing of family-planning policies that were long considered some of the party’s most onerous intrusions into family life and had been gradually relaxed in recent years. The restrictions led to an imbalanced sex ratio because of a traditional preference for boys, and draconian enforcement that sometimes included forced abortions.

The news elated 36-year-old Su Weihu in Guangzhou, who said she now plans to get pregnant next year before she becomes too old, and that she is eager for her 8-year-old daughter to have a sibling.

“I have looked forward this for so many years — even had dreams about it! I cried every time when I woke up and realized it wasn’t yet true. I thought it was so unfair,” Su said. “I do not care if the second child is a boy or a girl, at my age, as long as he or she is healthy.”

A statement from the party’s Central Committee carried by the official Xinhua News Agency said the decision to allow all couples to have two children was “to improve the balanced development of population” and to deal with an aging population.

Yeah, it’s to improve demographic balance. That seems likely. And if they need to support an aging population, why not just import Arabs and Africans? That seems to be working out so well for the European nations, after all.