It’s a little late now, multicultis

After 30 years of stumping for it, the New York Times belatedly develops some concerns about the consequences of mass migration:

They arrived in an unceasing stream, 10,000 a day at the height, as many as a million migrants heading for Europe this year, pushing infants in strollers and elderly parents in wheelchairs, carrying children on their shoulders and life savings in their socks. They came in search of a new life, but in many ways they were the heralds of a new age.

There are more displaced people and refugees now than at any other time in recorded history — 60 million in all — and they are on the march in numbers not seen since World War II. They are coming not just from Syria, but from an array of countries and regions, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, even Haiti, as well as any of a dozen or so nations in sub-Saharan and North Africa. They are unofficial ambassadors of failed states, unending wars, intractable conflicts.

The most striking thing about the current migration crisis, however, is how much bigger it could still get….

Nor is it only the Middle East and North Africa that European leaders need to consider. The Gallup Poll, based on data compiled from more than 450,000 interviews in 151 nations from 2009 to 2011, found that in Nigeria, which already has double the population of Germany, 40 percent of people would emigrate to the West if they could. And the lesson of 2015 — for them and much of the world — is that they can.
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While the flow of migrants to Europe this year already represents the biggest influx from outside the Continent in modern history, many experts warn that the mass movement may continue and even increase — possibly for years to come.

At least we know what the cause of World War III will be. Don’t ever forget who was responsible: the anti-nationalists who have championed open borders and multiculturalism. They are responsible. The bloodshed will be on their hands.

It’s time to start making a list, complete with quotes and links, of those on the Left and Right who have championed immigration and open borders. The future needs to know who were the destroyers of Western Civilization, so they will recognize the same arguments being made next time. If you’ve got a candidate, post it here.

My first candidate: David Brooks.

Globalization, with all its stresses and strains, has created a large
international class of middle-class dreamers: university graduates who
can’t fulfill their aspirations at home and who would enrich whatever
nation is lucky enough to have them…. The Republican Party is insane if its conducts a 21st-century immigration policy based on stereotypes from the 1980s.

It is time for the Men of the West to rise and defend their nations, as they have repeatedly done before. Hungary, Norway, and Germany are waking up. The Men of Poland are rising.