Peak SJW

I think David French is perhaps a little optimistic here, but it is interesting to see National Review lining up against SJWs and political correctness in light of its relatively recent purgings of various contributors for their thought crimes. Perhaps the pendulum actually is swinging back:

While it’s always dangerous to predict when any particular cultural trend peaks, I’m pegging October 31, 2015, as peak PC. When universities actually post flow charts to keep your Halloween
party from being offensive, humorlessness is redefined. When students
are so fragile that the very thought of ethnic-themed Halloween costumes
leads to much-mocked YouTube “guides,” then political correctness is
losing its punch:

If you disagree — if you think that political correctness is gaining
momentum — then consider a few facts. First, the top two candidates in
the Republican race for president of the United States attained their
front-runner status by willfully, gleefully defying political
correctness at every turn. Ben Carson shot to the top of the polls when
he did the unthinkable — told the truth about guns, about Islam, about
resistance to mass shooters, and about abortion — without flinching.
It’s old news by now that Donald Trump’s supporters love him for his
anti-PC stands.

Personally, I would like to think that the tide began to turn with the publication of SJWs Always Lie, which was published just two months before the date French pegs. But whether it has or not, it is very clear that a long march through the institutions of the West to clean them of SJW intellectual corruption is required and it is not going to be quick or easy.

And speaking of not being easy, while it’s always nice to see one’s book become a category bestseller, the fact that The Return of the Great Depression, published in 2009, is presently the #1 bestseller in the following category, is not exactly cause for celebration.

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