A second front in the OSS invasion

ESR warns that SJWs aren’t merely using weaponized codes of conduct to try to take over open source software projects these days.

I received a disturbing warning today from a source I trust. The short version is: if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. Try to avoid even being alone, ever, because there is a chance that a “women in tech” advocacy group is going to try to collect your scalp.

IRC conversation, portions redacted to protect my informant, follows.

15:17:58 XXXXXXXXXXXX | I’m super careful about honey traps.  For a while, that’s how the Ada Initiative was trying to pre-generate outrage and collect scalps.                            
15:18:12          esr | REALLY?                                   
15:18:22          esr | That’s perverse.                          
15:18:42 XXXXXXXXXXXX | Yeah, because the upshot is, I no longer can afford to mentor women who are already in tech.
15:18:54          esr | Right.                                    
15:19:01 XXXXXXXXXXXX | I can and do mentor ones who are not in it, but are interested and able           
15:19:21 XXXXXXXXXXXX | but once one is already in…  nope
15:20:08 XXXXXXXXXXXX | The MO was to get alone with the target, and then immediately after cry “attempted sexual assault”.
15:23:27          esr | When the backlash comes it’s going to be vicious.  And women who were not part of this bullshit will suffer for it.
15:23:41 XXXXXXXXXXXX | I can only hope.                           
15:25:21          esr | Ah. On the “Pour encourager les autres” principle?  I hadn’t thought of that. Still damned unfortunate, though.
15:26:40 XXXXXXXXXXXX | Linus is never alone at any conference. This is not because he lets fame go to his head and likes having a posse around.     
15:26:54 XXXXXXXXXXXX | They have made multiple runs at him.      
15:27:29          esr | Implied warning noted.                     
15:27:34            * | XXXXXXXXXXXX nods

Interesting to see that technologists are having to adopt the same policy as Billy Graham and other Christian pastors; SJWs not only always lie, but apparently they always resort to the same tactical set as well. It’s also interesting to note that women connected to the Ada Initiative are known to have been engaging in these tactics for some time now.

In any event, you’ve been warned. I find it a little ironic that there is any concern whatsoever for the hypothesized effect on “women who were not part of this bullshit” because that’s simply not important. If they want to work in tech, they can still do so, they simply won’t have the benefit of the expected hand-holding.

At any rate, it should be apparent to even the most dubious moderate that SJWs in tech are a serious problem and they need to be rooted out.