The sound of SJW silence

Breitbart Tech observably notes the mysterious silence in the technology media concerning the explosive claims of feminists “taking runs” at OSS project leaders and Linus Torvalds being targeted for disqualification by the Ada Initiative:

Discontent at the behaviour of feminists in tech has already been spreading in the open source community thanks to the feminist-led introduction of controversial codes of conduct for developers on some open source projects. But these new claims elevate feminists in tech from the controversial to the potentially criminal.

The claims of Raymond’s source could also provide an explanation for why so many tech diversity activists, such as the innovation expert Vivek Wadhwa, and the Puerto Rican software developer Roberto Rosario, have been mercilessly set upon by tech feminists.

If feminists are trying to frame software developers for sexual assault, it would be important for them to occupy the chief positions in the “diversity movement” to ensure the incidents were followed by sufficient outrage across the movement. Prominent diversity activists who are not subscribed so such nefarious methods could therefore present a problem.

Despite widespread discussion in the industry of the explosive claims on Raymond’s blog, and the stature of Raymond within software development, other tech news outlets – normally champing at the bit to report on diversity issues – have so far been curiously silent on this story. Breitbart Tech is, thus far, the exception.

What’s happening should not be surprising, as the attempts of SJWs to destroy technology through social justice convergence is the entire objective of the “diversity in tech” movement. It’s not about improving technology at all, it is about forcing a white male stronghold into the same sort of submission to which other industries have been subjected.

This is exactly what action to seize the cultural high ground looks like. We just haven’t seen it before up close and personal because it happened elsewhere.

Reject “diversity in tech”. Reject “girls who code”. Reject every single initiative being put forth by the SJWs, no matter how innocuous they sound, because every single one of them has an insidious and destructive purpose.