SJWs stalking STEM figure

It’s not just in Open Source Software that SJWs are actively looking to discredit and disemploy individuals they have targeted. I received this just yesterday.
SJWs are attempting to railroad another STEM figure out
of his job. I can’t divulge how I know this, but I have direct inside
information. One individual in particular is gathering support by digging for
information and asking for legal advice. They are attempting to
circumvent the statute of limitations so
they can deprive this man of his job.

This is
happening, because of the easy success SJWs had ousting Tim Hunt and
Geoff Marcy. One SJW actually said, “Now that we’ve brought
down one of the biggest men in science, who can we go after next?”

They’re LOOKING for people to go after. It’s just as you said. Every
time one of these men apologizes, it just emboldens the SJWs.

Someone needs to get that man a copy of SJWAL, stat! And be sure that you provide anyone you know to be under attack with a link to The SJW Attack Survival Guide (PDF).

Note that apologizing not only make it worse for the target apologizing, but for the subsequent targets as well.

Do not apologize. Never apologize. Don’t even let the merest glimmer of the notion think about crossing your mind. Own your actions, own your words, and stand by them under fire.