A bold move

We’ll see how that works out for her. Margaret Cho threatens Spacebunny:

Margaret Cho Verified account @margaretcho
@Spacebunnyday advice – block me. I’m going to do some… I CANT SAY. TOP SECRET Sorry just as a friend – BLOCK ME NOW. FOR YOUR SAKE. NOW.

Margaret Cho Verified account @margaretcho
@Spacebunnyday @yesnicksearcy actually I think #Anonymous might need to help me now. I kinda hate your attitude towards me. Sorry. Best. X

Very scary. I’ll call and raise 454 Vile Faceless Minions.

The Supreme Dark Lord

It’s already started. This comment, unlike Margaret Cho at any point in her entire career as a so-called comedienne, made me laugh.

Shuttlecock ‏@Shuttlecock7
@voxday @margaretcho if god wanted us to kill babies he’d have made them all Chinese girls! Oh wait…

Being an SJW, Margaret Cho couldn’t help doubling-down.

Margaret Cho ‏@margaretcho
They are nonstop harassing me. It’s so hard. I get worn down. But your presence is comforting! Xoxo you make me safe

Margaret Cho ‏@margaretcho
Woah. @Spacebunnyday is not real #12daysofrage

Operation Ferguson @OpFerguson
@margaretcho He is part of that gamergate crowd, those people are psychopaths.

Margaret Cho ‏@margaretcho
Yes. They hate women with such ferocity. I’m afraid for girls in gaming or anyone who they decide to target/threaten

Vox Day@voxday
It was supposed to be two weeks, but @margaretcho aborted two of them. #12daysofrage