The wages of female “pastorship”

It is death for a church. OL writes:

Just wanted to let you know that the church-in-exile formally known as North Heights Lutheran have been given an excerpt of SWJAL. It is currently making the rounds as they come to grips with the fact that their church has been stolen. It is a textbook example of what happens when you try to play nice with evil rather then curb stomp it. Although it is really to late for them the lesson can be shown to those that will listen, perhaps on how to prevent this from occurring elsewhere.

Although I’ve attended North Heights a few times in the long-distant past and my parents were friends with the pastor, I didn’t have any idea what happened there. This story is spun in the SJWs’ favor, but if you read between the lines it’s not hard to figure out what took place. SJWs invade, take over the decision-making high ground, chase off half the congregation with their anti-Christian social justice theology, then start shutting down churches to sell the land.

One of the state’s original mega-churches is in trouble.

North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills laid off half its staff in June and closed a satellite church in Roseville. That closure led half of the parishioners to split away and worship in a nearby motel — and church loyalists are feeling betrayed.

The church faces a crossroads.

“We are either going to be reborn,” said interim pastor Mindy Bak, in a silent church hallway, “or we are going to go through a slow death.”

The combination of financial problems, downsizing and, some say, a female pastor has led to a schism in the church, threatening its future as recriminations fly back and forth.

The breakaway group is posting its complaints on a website called “Church torn apart.

“They accuse church leaders of being deceptive, even “satanic.”

But most of their objections, said Bak, are related to her gender — they don’t want a woman to lead their church.

“If you carry that prejudice,” Bak said, “how can you serve the community?”

Meanwhile, Sunday attendance has dropped two-thirds from its peak. 

Notice that “the community” is the SJW’s concern. Not serving Jesus Christ. This is exactly what social justice convergence in the Christian Church looks like today; a deep concern for “the community” and “the world” and absolutely no concern for Jesus Christ, Christianity, or the Church.

Never permit female leadership in the Church. It will absolutely kill any church that is foolish enough to do so after seeing what has happened in every single church that has done so already. The sort of women who want to be church leaders are almost invariably SJWs; when appointing a female pastor you might as well put up a sign announcing that the church has changed denominations from Baptist or Methodist or whatever to Social Justice.

Notice how the invaders always end up with the buildings and the land. They don’t give a damn about God or the congregation. “We are either going to be reborn or we are going to go through a slow death.” What does that tell you? The one thing that isn’t an option is for a successful Christian congregation to carry on as before, simply God in the name of Jesus Christ.

This phenomenon of the “stolen church” is not new. This is the third case of which I have heard and the second time it has happened to a church I personally attended at one point or another. Paul warned about this; most church leaderships have been absolutely derelict in their duty to police their congregations, and in particular, their elders.

UPDATE: it gets worse:

Just heard from my mother that the “vision” of the female pastor is to integrate Muslims and Christians in a new progressive church. They call it Chrislam.