The Lord of the Rings, 2015 edition

If Tolkien had been a modern German or Swedish politician instead of a true Man of the West, I imagine The Lord of the Rings would have proceeded a little bit differently.

After all, if you think about it, what were the orcs of Mordor but poor, violently oppressed refugees with nothing to eat but other, smaller refugees, escaping an oppressive, undemocratic regime and seeking a better life in the West? If stopped at the borders of Osgiliath and sent back to Mordor, they faced forcible conscription into the Dark Lord’s armies, which is why they all had a strong claim on receiving asylum and permanent residence from Gondor.

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter notes that these poor oppressed refugees are busy enjoying the better life they sought.

“Migrants” from North Africa, brutally gang rape 23 yr-old Swedish girl, anally & vaginally 6X. Called their friends to join in.