The devolution of the SJW

John C. Wright explains the three stages of devolution into SJW:

The SJWs are not bad people. Not at first. Even Lucifer was not totally wretched and evil at first.

That is the important thing to remember.

They are good people with a bad theory who are addicted, like a cocaine addict, to the rush of ego-gratification that comes from self-righteousness.

The Morlocks once were human, once dwelt on the surface, under the sun, and once ate wholesome meats, and did not feast on human flesh. It takes several steps pf evolution to go from being a good man to being a subhuman troglodyte cannibal. Not all have taken all the steps

It is a three stage trap into which they fall, and at each stage, for the best of reasons.

The first stage is an appeal to their sense of fairplay not to make a decision until all the facts are in, not to condemn the wicked until they are proved wicked, and to question everything, to question authority.

But this first stage trap closes when their sense of fairplay comes to the conclusion that no authority, not the authority of morality, not the authority of reason, not the authority of logic, can sit in judgment on any matter. They become so open minded that their brains fall out. They cease to reason in the name of fairplay.

Call this the Appeal to Equality. If all men are equal, no man’s opinion is better than any others’, and so there is no such thing as a right man and the wrong man, a right answer and a wrong answer, a civilized culture or barbaric one. The Appeal to Equality says that to think one answer correct and the other wrong, one behavior a vice and another a virtue, is a hasty judgment, even bigotry.

Reasoning becomes a hate crime.

Once they cease to reason, that is, cease to look at facts for answers, they are thrown back on their emotions and nothing else for a standard of judgment by which to organized their lives, and to build their model of the universe.

At this point, have lost the civilized gift of reason, they are barbarians.

As I said in SJWAL, it was not my purpose to explain the existence of SJWs or attempt to understand them in any way, but merely to describe and anticipate their actions. John Wright has proceeded with the obvious next steps in the process, which is to understand how this intellectual descent of Man takes place, and as always, his perspective is both informative and entertaining.