Shunning the SFF-SJWs

From File 770 comes word that two-time World Fantasy Award-winner S.T. Joshi understands that the correct way to deal with SJWs is to reject them, their ideas, and their infested organizations alike.

It has come to my attention that the World Fantasy Convention has decided to replace the bust of H. P. Lovecraft that constitutes the World Fantasy Award with some other figure. Evidently this move was meant to placate the shrill whining of a handful of social justice warriors who believe that a “vicious racist” like Lovecraft has no business being honoured by such an award. (Let it pass that analogous accusations could be made about Bram Stoker and John W. Campbell, Jr., who also have awards named after them. These figures do not seem to elicit the outrage of the SJWs.) Accordingly, I have returned my two World Fantasy Awards to the co-chairman of the WFC board, David G. Hartwell. Here is my letter to him:

Mr. David G. Hartwell
Tor Books
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Dear Mr. Hartwell:

I was deeply disappointed with the decision of the World Fantasy Convention to discard the bust of H. P. Lovecraft as the emblem of the World Fantasy Award. The decision seems to me a craven yielding to the worst sort of political correctness and an explicit acceptance of the crude, ignorant, and tendentious slanders against Lovecraft propagated by a small but noisy band of agitators.

I feel I have no alternative but to return my two World Fantasy Awards, as they now strike me as irremediably tainted. Please find them enclosed. You can dispose of them as you see fit.

Please make sure that I am not nominated for any future World Fantasy Award. I will not accept the award if it is bestowed upon me.

I will never attend another World Fantasy Convention as long as I live. And I will do everything in my power to urge a boycott of the World Fantasy Convention among my many friends and colleagues.

    S. T. Joshi

And that is all I will have to say on this ridiculous matter. If anyone feels that Lovecraft’s perennially ascending celebrity, reputation, and influence will suffer the slightest diminution as a result of this silly kerfuffle, they are very much mistaken.

No respect. No contact. No validation. No mercy. No quarter. Those who have read SJWAL have seen that their very worst vituperation is best taken as praise, and their nominal praise is worth less than nothing. I received the following email this morning:

I just got your book in the mail today and am into the prologue and I had to put it down to email you to just plain thank you for writing it. I wish I could hear my enemies sing my praises the way your enemies sing yours.

A man is defined by his enemies as well as by his friends. S.T. Joshi, although a Man of the Left, has done very well indeed to refuse to accept the accolades of the SJWs. And note that, once more, it is TOR BOOKS that is right at the heart of the SJW infestation in science fiction and fantasy.