Category error

Brad Torgersen wants to fight SJWs, but he is unnecessarily leery of certain tactics in a discussion of a Kate the Impaler post at the Mad Genius Club:

The reason they “win” right now, is because they rely completely on civilized people being too polite to tell them all to fuck off. Over the next twenty years, civilized folk may decide they’ve had enough, and then we’ll send the gerbils packing. The pendulum won’t stay stuck in one position forever. The trick is to not become them in the process of fighting them — which is a very tough chore. The values of the Enlightenment — also known as actual liberalism — don’t have to be destroyed in our zeal to see the gerbils run out of our institutions and our seats of power.

Right now those Enlightenment values only come into play to protect SJW protests and safe spaces. They do not do anything for the college presidents that have failed to confess and apologize for their white privilege to these cultural revolutionaries.

To which Jeffro Johnson replies:

Actual liberalism is done. It’s gone. Very few people under thirty even believe in the principles of free expression. We’ve been conceding our culture without a fight for decades while behaving as if that makes us better than the barbarians. It doesn’t.

In my opinion, Jeffro has the right of it. How are we going to “become them” when we don’t subscribe to their ideals? George Patton didn’t become a Nazi or even a German by adopting maneuever warfare tactics and using them against the Wehrmacht. The Mossad didn’t become terrorists by adopting assassination tactics against the PLO.

To claim that we can become like them by virtue of utilizing their tactics is a fundamental category error. Tactics are not strategy, grand strategy, objectives, or ideals.

They are not SJWs because of their behavior. They are SJWs because they subscribe to the totalitarian dream of social justice convergence.