Rubio is the new Bush

Not that anyone here will be surprised, but it looks as if the GOP establishment has given up on Jeb!

Marco Rubio, moving to capitalize on a wave of momentum in the Republican primary, will host a Capitol Hill fundraiser on Monday that will draw an influx of new supporters.

Around 70 of Rubio’s financial backers are listed on the event invitation — over half of whom, organizers say, signed on with the senator after last month’s Boulder debate. The fundraiser, which will draw lobbyists, bundlers, and several members of Congress, is expected to net around $200,000.

Monday’s fundraiser was initially going to be held at a Washington, D.C. townhouse, but organizers moved it to the Capitol Hill Club — where a large room has been rented out — after the RSVP list began to swell.

Among the names listed on the invitation, who are relatively new to Rubio’s fold, are Peter Davidson, a Verizon lobbyist; Christopher Chapel, a NextEra Energy lobbyist; Russ Thomasson, a former top staffer to Texas Sen. John Cornyn; and Mathew Lapinski, a lobbyist at Crossroads Strategies.

The GOP elite must be freaking out now that the Paris attacks have driven up Donald Trump’s support to 42 percent. They’re moving to Plan B faster than I had anticipated prior to the attacks.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, whether you believe him or not, you have to admit that his response to the Paris attacks was easily the strongest and most forthright of any of the candidates in either party.