It’s not over

Germany-Holland game cancelled

     BREAKING: Hanover chief of police: “There was a device intended to be detonated inside the stadium.” #GERNED
    — DW Sports (@dw_sports) November 17, 2015

    BREAKING: Reports that German police have discovered a truck bomb disguised as an ambulance near football stadium in Hanover. #GERNED
    — DW Sports (@dw_sports) November 17, 2015

    Police in Hanover: “You don’t know what a perpetrator is possibly planning. Don’t stay in groups. Find safety.” #GERNED
    — DW Sports (@dw_sports) November 17, 2015

And it won’t be over until Reconquista 2.0 is concluded. Meanwhile, in Israel:

Israel outlawed a domestic religious-political group it referred to as
the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, accusing it of inciting
recent Arab violence by conducting a campaign of agitation over a
Jerusalem holy site.