Peyton always was a punk

Contrast Manning’s reported behavior with Brady’s when he was injured. No wonder Brady ended up with more Super Bowl rings. He was the better quarterback because he is more of a team player.

If this is indeed the end for Peyton Manning, it may be even uglier than we thought.

While the product on the field has been difficult to watch (nine touchdowns, 17 interceptions), it has apparently extended off the field, too.

According to NFL Network’s James Palmer, with Manning not playing this week due to what the team is calling a left foot injury, the future Hall of Famer has not even been near his team or coaching staff this week.

Manning “hasn’t attended any practices or meetings this week and hasn’t had a single conversation about Sunday’s game plan with Brock Osweiler,” according to Palmer. Mark Haas at CBS Denver has reported the same.

Everyone has assumed that Peyton Manning would become a successful OC or head coach someday due to his high football IQ, but I wonder if his personality won’t sabotage him there too.