The book is sophomoric. The author is inept.

The sad thing is, Richard Dawkins doesn’t know it because he resolutely runs from all substantive criticism in favor of hiding in his hug box:

Richard Dawkins @RichardDawkins
The God Delusion accused of being a “sophomoric” book. Well, is there any evidence for God that an intelligent sophomore couldn’t refute?

Vox Day @voxday
Considerable. Your arguments are so inept, some don’t even qualify as arguments.You don’t even know what “evidence” is.

Vox Day @voxday
I blew away your “religion causes war” argument once and for all because you simply don’t know history. 6.98%, not 100%.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Your worst “argument” was the appeal to Alfred Hitchcock. That’s a logical fallacy that doesn’t even have a name.

Vox Day @voxday
Look, atheists, you’re going to need much better champions than inept rhetoricians in over their heads like @RichardDawkins and @SamHarris.