Brainstorm: Urban tactics survival

It was a very interesting session tonight, although it ended rather abruptly when my computer locked up for some reason. It ended up going into more detail on martial arts and the law than I would have thought beforehand, but then, both experts agreed that the single most important aspect of surviving a terror attack is mindset.

Even if THEY are attacking, YOU are the predator. Move. React. Escape if you can, attack if you can’t, but whatever you do, do not lie there motionless leaving all the initiative up to them!

The other thing I took away from it is that 12 feet is the line of delineation. If they’re more than 12 feet away, don’t assume they can hit a moving target. That’s just two body-lengths. It is a LOT harder than it looks, even with a fully-automatic weapon. 12 feet or more, exit laterally at speed. Less than 12 feet, attack forward.