Things for which I am thankful

  • My family. I am truly appreciative of them as well as the fact that I am able to spend so much time with them.
  • My blog readers. It is thanks to you that I am able to take so many risks and try so many new things. Both the material support and the substantive criticism are tremendously valuable.
  • The societal wealth and peace of the last 65 years. Yes, it has softened us. Yes, it has had consequences that will prove civilizationally damaging at best, fatal at worst. But that doesn’t change the fact that we are the most materially blessed generation in human history. We will only fully appreciate the innocence of that time when even the illusion of it is gone.
  • The grace and mercy of God. The older one grows, the more one sees and the more one becomes unwillingly aware of how totally and completely the world is corrupt and fallen. In time, every illusion, no matter how cherished, fades and the tawdry greed, lust, and depravity that lie beneath is revealed. But God remains eternal and His grace abounds.
  • The foolishness of our enemies. They are many. They are merciless. They are cunning. They are indefatigable. But they are blind to the truth, and that makes them reliably vulnerable.
  • History. Can you imagine what codswallop the media would be able to make us swallow were it not for the written record? No wonder it is always Year Zero for the Left.
  • The Vile Faceless Minions. There is something about having one’s own social media army that is strangely… comforting. They are so effective that I’ve not able to utilize even a tenth of their strength in order to accomplish my objectives. Apparently I need to begin thinking bigger.
  • The Castalia House authors. They are not only a talented group of writers, they are a fine collection of intelligent, high-quality individuals. It is a genuine privilege to be associated with them.
  • The Castalia House volunteers. Without them, we could not have accomplished half of what we have been able to do. They are the turbo boost to our engine.
  • Team Alpenwolf and allies. Other than Markku, you don’t know them yet. But they are going to make Castalia’s success look like a footnote.
  • The Brainstorm members. It started as a complete accident, but they have somehow transformed into the hard intellectual core of the Dread Ilk. It’s tremendously useful to be able to bounce ideas off them. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.