And the orcs smiled

This story, which is either tragic or darkly and predictably comic depending upon your sense of humor, is why those who want to help the poor refugees should go and help them there, not invite them and welcome them into the West. Dottoressa italiana uccisa in Kenya: rapina in casa:

Un medico di Novara, Rita Fossaceca, 51 anni, è stata uccisa in Kenya, dove stata lavorando per la onlus ForLife Onlus. La Farnesina ha confermato che si è trattato di una rapina in casa, in località Mijomboni, e i responsabili sono banditi comuni. Non ci sarebbe quindi alcun collegamento con il terrorismo. Feriti altri tre italiani che abitavano nella stessa casa.

Italian doctor murdered in Kenya: robbed in her house

A doctor from Novara, Rita Fossaceca, 51, was murdered in Kenya where she was working for the NGO ForLife Onlus. It was confirmed that the Farnesinan was robbed in her house, in the town of Mijomboni, and that local bandits were responsible. Her death does not appear to have been related to terrorism. Three other Italians who lived in the same house were also wounded.

I have a modicum of respect for those like Rita Fossaceca, who knowingly take their lives into their hands by going and living among the orcs of Mordor because they feel compassion for them. That being said, they aren’t missionaries, they aren’t risking their lives in order to preach the Word of God, they’re taking these risks in order to try to teach zebras dressage.

That being said, I have nothing but the greatest contempt for those anti-civilizational, dyscivic fools who dishonestly claim that we have a moral obligation to permit the orcs to enter the Shire. That’s not shrieking, bigoted cowardice, that is common sense and protecting the defenseless.

At least La Fossaceca has, by her sacrifice, done us the service of highlighting the consequences of nonsense such as this. ”Con una scuola abbiamo ridato il sorriso ai bambini dell’Africa”

“With a school, we have given a smile to the children of Africa.” 

I can’t help but wonder, though, if the children of Africa were smiling when they robbed and murdered her.