Standing up to SJWs

Even before I was doing it, even before #GamerGate, Doug TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim, was standing strong against them:

For more than a decade, the comics, cartoons, animations, and video games of Doug TenNapel have been entertaining millions. Yet a single opinion that swam against the tide of progressive opinion caused him to be subject to years of attacks from an all-too-familiar mob of online public shamers.

TenNapel has a long and accomplished career in entertainment. He’s the man behind Earthworm Jim, a 1990s smash-hit video game that spawned a cartoon series and a toy franchise. He has written an episode for the popular animated series’ Adventure Time and acted as a guest animator for Spongebob. His most recent creation is Armikrog, a point-and-click puzzle game created with stop-motion animation.

Despite his obvious talents, there’s a niggling aspect of TenNapel that continues to cause him problems: he’s a Christian Conservative. In addition to his other creations, he’s the series writer and executive producer for VeggieTales in the House, an animated series popular with Christian families. He has also designed the cover art for a number of Christian rock bands.

In the liberal, progressive world of arts and entertainment, it was only a matter of time before such an unfashionable background got him into trouble.

If you want to support Doug, his new game, Armikrog, is 50 percent off on Steam for the next two hours. VFM, if you’re on Twitter, tweet the article.

I should probably also mention that in the new year, we will have some exciting news to announce concerning Mr. TenNapel and Castalia House.