I think he’s right

Some File 770er impugns the fearsome International Lord of Hate:

I think Vox having his emblem on an assault rifle is several orders of magnitude more scary than Correia’s on an assault rifle. There’s masculinity maintenance on the one hand, and on the other hand there’s “how close can I come to calling for ethnic cleansing before he police show up?” that Vox practices.

I hope slighting Correia’s perceived level of dangerousness doesn’t trigger another downward spiral and meltdown on his part.

Well, obviously. I am several orders of magnitude more scary on the basis of my crimethink alone, and that’s not even taking the Vile Faceless Minions or the Dread Ilk into account. As it happens, I have no need to call for any ethnic cleansing. It’s already happening whether any of us want it or not. It could have possibly been avoided in the USA as recently as 1990, but I think it’s been inevitable ever since Reagan signed the 1986 Amnesty.

La Raza has already driven most of the African-Americans out of Compton. They will continue to clean out the southern half of California; they don’t mind Anglos but they do not tolerate blacks. It’s rather remarkable that none of the SJWs in SF have even noticed this yet. Of course, they’re a bunch of parochial white liberals, so they know nothing at all about Mexicans or the ruthlessness of La Raza. Even so, it’s a little bit strange that they haven’t made the connection yet between their fear of me, a great-grandson of a Mexican revolutionary, and my kindred.

As it happens, an acquaintance reported that in a in a large French city today all the taxi drivers at the train station were refusing to pick up anyone who wasn’t white European. An African woman was pitching a fit, complaining to the police, who shrugged and told her no one was obliged to drive her anywhere.

Mass migrations are always followed by war and forced migration. As Martin van Creveld’s essay in There Will Be War Vol. X demonstrates, that is the reliable historical pattern.

Anyhow, I will have to see about having an appropriately scary emblem suitable for the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil developed. Perhaps a flayed SJW with his broken limbs in the shape of a swastika? No, too obvious. Maybe a horned skull with a pair of tomahawks crossed behind it….