San Bernardino shooting

12 people killed in shooting at San Bernardino social services facility.

shooting took place at the Inland Regional Center, a nonprofit that
works with individuals with developmental disabilities, at 1365 S.
Waterman Avenue. The complex is comprised of three buildings.

were searching the building and have yet to clear it. Police said there
were reports of one to three shooters involved, and they were described
to be wearing ski masks.

A source confirmed to Eyewitness News
that there were three shooters armed with rifles, and there were no
suspects in custody. Riverside police said they are helping other
agencies look for male suspects in a black SUV, possibly a GMC Yukon.

I look forward to hearing Dr. Carson blame the hateful rhetoric concerning individuals with developmental disabilities. In any event, what an unnecessary tragedy… if only they had thought to make the Center a gun-free zone this could have been avoided.

Archived link to initial reports.

Seriously, though, this one looks a little strange, unless the “white” men turn out to be of the “white Chechnyan” variety. Even allowing for “crazy enough to spree kill, why would a group of three men target a nondescript non-profit? If it was one guy, you’d think bad romance or disgruntled employee; a group of three makes it look like jihadist terrorism, but the shooters were described as white and why would jihadists target the Inland Regional Center?

Anyhow, yet another reminder. Always carry. Don’t leave home unarmed.

UPDATE: The Other Robot comments: Whites, eh? POSSIBLE SUSPECT: Farook Syed, was acting nervous, left building, 20 minutes later shooting occurred, matches description. 

Farook, is that an Irish name?

UPDATE 2: Good updates at The Last Refuge.

UPDATE 3: Police feed is here. Sounds like a shootout has started. Helicopters and M4s. Male, dark-skinned description. One guy down, one guy in the back of a car. Heard shouts of “hold your fire.”

They’re bringing in a Bearcat. One suspect down inside the car, one on the run.

Call for medical aid. Officer down, but hit by ricochet. He’s okay and doesn’t need immediate medical attention. They can’t get the Bearcat through the traffic down the

Mention of bodies, plural, inside the car. Sounds like they got two, are in pursuit of the third.

“Is that our Bearcat?” (Made me laugh. Are there a lot of them in California?)

They’re setting up for a crossfire. Sounds risky. One down in the street, but moving.

One detained. One confirmed in custody. Sealing off the perimeter around the car.

One suspect alive in the backseat. SWAT team being sent out to an address, they know who these guys are now.

They’re going into the address. “It’s like female Arabic”.

Interesting to see how cautious they are. “We’re sitting ducks.” They want air support and more units. Not hard to see why police units historically fare poorly in combat.

Body was just pulled out of the SUV. 

All suspects now believed accounted for.