Portrait of a cuckservative

It would be hard to get much more cucky than this. This is simply a straightforward and unabashed cuckservative surrender to left-liberal fantasy:

Anti-Racism Is a Conservative Issue

The Left is happy to go on endlessly promoting policy prescriptions for racism and justifying state control of anything and everything along the way. Conservatives do not have that luxury. Racism undermines conservative ideals of individual responsibility, freedom of speech, and limited government in ways it does not with progressive ideals. The Left believes it can coerce equality on a racist population. Conservatives do not. Conservatism demands that we overcome this problem ourselves.

Implicit in the demand for limited government is a responsibility to treat people fairly. Conservatives are not anarchists. We do not eschew moral norms, we insist upon them. Any concept of conservative morality must contain the duty to treat people as they are, not as symbols or reflections of their racial caste. On that moral principle, we have not been insistent enough. But there are ways for conservatives to tackle this issue, and they hold much more promise than the tired digital privilege theory pamphlets so pervasive on our Internet feeds.

The first step is mostly symbolic. It is simply to accept the racism that exists in our society and to call it an important problem. On its own, this admission will do nothing. But it will lay the groundwork for positive approaches and assure people of color that conservatives are not blind to their concerns.

A second and vital step is for conservatives to start developing a competing anti-racism agenda. The focus of this agenda should be the irrational nature of racism, not its immorality. It should harken back to the outdated but much more successful color-blind model, which demands we treat people as individuals, not as representatives of a demographic. Our think tanks and foundations should develop curriculum around this ideal and demand equal access in education. We must demand that diversity and race in culture be treated as a conversation, not a lecture.

It’s always amusing to see cuckservatives roll over, play dead, then wag their tails, hoping to win that elusive left-liberal approval at last. But, as he’ll find out soon enough, the color-blind model is not only outdated, it is has been deemed irredeemably racist by the very people whose favor he is attempting to curry.

Sorry, cuckservative. Even your anti-racism is racist. But this piece does serve the useful role of pointing out that there is no proper “conservative” ideology, as it is nothing more than “what the Democrats said, only a little less of it and 20 years later.”

So forget conservatism. It is an abject failure and has conserved nothing. The only thing that has the capability of surviving and taking down the left is a strongly nationalist American party.