The faithful lose their way

The Church of Star Citizen has lost a brother:

Its always going to be hard leaving a cult that I helped to build – But it was time to do it.

Not only has the game changed, but so has the community. Its hard to watch the transition between “tech savvy people with a bit of money to invest in a fun project” into “hypemachine! – you are not valid unless you invest, and subsequently don’t complain”

It is a shame that CR has not been able to admit to himself that he couldn’t handle this, and I promise – this is the same goddamn problem every single one of us have, role delegation, letting someone else take over, when we don’t have the time/skills to do it anymore.

So, assets are getting done, redone, changed, people jump off, new guys come in, hype online, the name that shouldn’t be mentioned, grey market crashing, 2.0 another disappointment, this feels like a DEMO cd from the front of a magazine in the damn 90’s… AAAARRRH……

Silence. . . .I had had enough. This project’s direction is lost within itself.

I had tried to sell my stuff, so that CIG could keep the money I had donated, but, I couldn’t even get half of what I had invested. So, I decided to just mail CIG and ask them for my money back. And they gave it to me.

We will see. But certainly events do seem to be following the direction Derek Smart predicted. Which is not at all to say that he is responsible for them going that way.