France’s new Joan of Arc

The Front National has a rising star, Marion Marechal-Le Pen:

Last week, she raised a storm when, in Toulon, a Mediterranean city with a large number of citizens of Arab descent, she said Muslims could only be French ‘if they follow customs and a lifestyle that has been shaped by Greek and Roman influence and 16 centuries of Christianity.’

‘We are not a land of Islam,’ she said. ‘In our country, we don’t wear djellaba clothing, we don’t wear a veil and we don’t impose cathedral-sized mosques.’

She’s Christian, she’s blonde, she’s attractive, she’s fearless, and she’s on the verge of becoming a significant political figure in France. However, as we’re seeing in the USA, the French equivalent of the bifactional ruling party, who are supposedly such tremendous rivals, have united to try to stop the nationalists.

The vote confirms what previous ballots suggested, but which official commentators did not want to admit – the National movement is without any doubt the first party in France, but meanwhile it is hardly represented in parliament,’ Marine Le Pen said.

In a speech to supporters in the early hours today, Ms Le Pen added: ‘It is the only party to defend the authentic French republic the development of our traditions, and the defence of all the French, especially the most vulnerable.’

Marechal-Le Pen, meanwhile, scored above 40 percent in final estimates for the vast Provence-Alpes-Cote-d’Azur region in the south, placing her on course for a landmark win next week.

Both women, however, face an uphill battle to clinch the run-off vote after the Socialist Party withdrew candidates in the key regions and called on its supporters to back conservative rivals.

Now, why would the Socialist Party be withdrawing its candidates and backing its “conservative rivals”? For exactly the same reason American “conservatives” are backing Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump. As detailed in Cuckservative, both socialists and self-styled “conservatives” are globalists who are virulently opposed to nationalism and the national interest of every European peoples, including the American people.