That took longer than expected

The first fake review finally appears:

this book will just make you hate those people more
By Beamer on December 9, 2015

Unsurprisingly, this book is preaching to its choir. Are you a straight white male terrified of the fact that, while white males remain the most powerful group in America, people other than straight white males are being represented more and more often? Do the thoughts of gay people being able to marry or, gasp, women being named CEO over a perfectly qualified male keep you up all night?

Then this book will completely back your worldview.

But if you aren’t a frightened, shallow, impotent straight white male, this book will just make you hate those people more. I happen to be a straight white male. I embrace new thoughts in our leadership, because let’s be honest, we haven’t done such a great job the past 50 years. But Vox Day disagrees, and very openly feels only straight white males should lead.

Either you’re a terrified, impotent straight white male and you love him, or you’ll find this book to basically be an excellent reason to move to Canada.

It’s a fascinating portrait in SJW rhetoric. I mean, there is no reason at all for gay men and women to be just little bit concerned about mass migration from the Muslim world, right?

Love Gravity Wins.

The review is pure rabbitology. See, if you want to consider yourself brave and virile and deep, or if you’re female or non-white, or if you’re male and white and deeply apologetic about it, you must not read this book! It is Elil! Beware! Badthink and Thoughtcrime and Tharn await the unwary!

But at last, VFM, it’s Wild Hunt time! Beamer is male, has a dog, and likes the Repairman Jack novels of F. Paul Wilson. He’s a graduate of Boston College and Duke, and uses or used a Blackberry at work. His first name may be Mark and he had a relationship of some sort with a woman named Beth. First one to correctly identify him and provide contact details wins the free hardcover of his choice from Castalia House and gets a virtual skull for social media bragging purposes. Bonus skull for providing place of employment.

Duke University
MBA – 2010.
JD – 2007.

BA – English and Computer Science – Boston College.

Fan of hardcore music.

Soft spot for cheesy aquatic adventure novels.
Uses Blackberry at work. 

VFM Rules: The SJWs take a shot and the VFM immediately apply the Five Ds in reprisal. Dig, Doxx, Discredit, Disemploy, and Devour. Better make that move to Canada now, Beamer. The Vile Faceless Minions are coming for you.

UPDATE: And VFM 38 got him. But 59 minutes? Really, Minions, I expect more speed out of you. Everyone whose minion number ends in 4, you will report to Malwyn for encouragement and inspiration.

UPDATE 2: I can’t what it who even…. what is this?