Fun with cucks

It’s always amusing to run into the King of the Cucks, Nick Searcy, who waves his adopted black son as if he was a bloody flag rather than the get-out-of-racism free totem that is, apparently, the poor kid’s great purpose in life as far as Mr. Searcy is concerned.

“I actually do things in the real world.” – Nick Searcy, actor. 
Now that is funny!
Apparently cuckservatives, like SJWs, are prone to projection. Meanwhile, after accusing me of being “hateful, mean-spirited, and foul-mouthed”, Searcy directed this at another critic.
Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
Your chickenshit unwillingness to tweet your racism under your real name is also a factor, fuckhead.
The man has the emotional continence of a teenage girl who just found out her favorite boy band broke up. What I found even more amusing, though, was that our make-believe tough guy is actually tweeting at me from behind a block!
You are blocked from following @yesnicksearcy and viewing @yesnicksearcy’s Tweets. 

He even tried to justify it.

Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
I’m tweeting ABOUT you so that I don’t have to look at your repetitive racist bullshit, Coxday. Call Twitter, pussy. @voxday

Yes, I’m sure I’ll get right on it. Then I’ll cry harassment and start a Patreon account. But tonight’s pièce de résistance was this:

Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
I’ve made a fortune as an entertainer, 296 follower nonentity loser. You’ll NEVER be that clever. @Nosajio @voxday

Yeah, so, about that….
It would have been funnier, of course, if Einstein, rather than Machiavelli, had been third instead of fifth. And I was wrong. The pièce de résistance was when he went running to tell Larry on me.

Yes, Nick $earcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy
Wonder if @monsterhunter45 knows what a piece of shit @voxday is.