Mailvox: we are all Spartacus

An anonymous reader shares his experience with SJW attacks:

I’ve just finished reading your book “SJWs Always Lie” (great book, thanks for that!). Like you, I was following GG from when it was still #burgersandfries.

Even though I’m no longer a gamer (I was a pretty hardcore gamer a decade ago, but work got in the way), pretty soon I recognised the importance of what was happening (overt censorship on 4chan of all places!) and found myself switching from observing to supporting the movement on IRC and the image boards, as well as funding & helping 8chan cope with the influx of users that were jumping the 4chan ship.

Eventually I resumed using my Twitter account as the action moved there.

Since I’ve never had a problem standing by my opinions I’ve always used my own name on the Internet. And it’s not hard to find where I live from a simple search on my name, so I’ve never had to worry about doxxing.

This changed when [a major SJW went after him] and eventually it became apparent to me that the best course of action would be to discontinue using twitter under my own name and not respond at all to whatever the charge was. Luckily this all blew over in a few weeks…. I absolutely hate that I had to back down. I feel strongly I shouldn’t have had to back down. Anyway, now I’m as “unfragile” as one could get: independently wealthy, no care for reputation & ready to kick some SJW ass.

PR-hungry SJWs are setting up one scam “anti-abuse” “support” organisation after another, with the clear purpose of getting to people in a fragile and/or vulnerable state of mind to indoctrinate them into the cult of SJ. One telltale sign of this is that they invariably start by isolating their “clients” from any pre-existing support structure.

I was thinking it might be a good idea to counter by setting up a support organisation for SJW targets. A real anti-abuse organisation.

If we can get to targets with practical and legal advice (Cernovich maybe?) before they shoot themselves in the foot by publicly apologising or even resigning we could severely limit the impact these attacks have. This could easily be structured 1:1 on the strategies in your book.

And with a big enough, partly or mostly anonymous, support network of sympathetic employers we could perhaps even get people new (possibly even better) jobs in the event they’re still fired. That would completely take away any “power” these offendotrons have and effectively declaw and defang our common enemy.

I’d be willing to fund & support such an endeavour if we can get a critical mass of allies together. I’m terrible at PR though, but I figured you may be up for it.

I am indeed. I’m still getting my head around how to tackle these various projects; the wargame one is the first one that we’ve consciously set up but there are some other independent offshoots by various Ilk that have begun taking shape. This is something that requires Brainstorm discussion, however, so I’m going to invite the emailer, and the heads of the various offshoots, to participate as panelists.

Is this something we should do before or after Christmas? Brainstorm members, share your thoughts, but do so anonymously. Due to recent attempts to target the Dread Ilk on Facebook, I want EVERYONE who comments here regularly to shift to using anonymous names and/or numbers. 

VFM can identify by their numbers. Note that I’m going to issue new numbers soon since too many of the old ones are connected to personal identities. I’ll do the same for Brainstorm. Everyone else, start using names unrelated to your personal lives and interests. It’s not a joke. There are active attempts, by SJWs and Republican politicos alike, to “map the Alt Right topology”. They are doing this because they want to identify as many of you as they can and then expose you in order to put social pressure on you, which includes disemploying you.

You’ve seen what they’ve done to me, what they are still doing to me on a daily basis. But not only do I not care about social pressure, their attempts only make me, and others like Mike Cernovich, more popular. So, they are starting to switch from the hard public targets to the softer targets of our supporters.

What we’re going to do is render those attempts useless. Note that when you are commenting with your new handle there is ZERO need to point out that X is really Y; we will recognize the thoughts and styles soon enough. But if you are not a genuinely hard target, you should be setting up alternative Twitter and Gmail accounts now, don’t kid yourself into thinking that you are more antifragile than you are. Unless you can legitimately afford to walk away from your job tomorrow due to badthink, please go to the trouble involved. Some of you are already doing this, but I want all the Dread Ilk to do so.

This will also permit the use of drive-by commenters as virtual shields, as they’ll be the only ones who are readily tracked down and most of the SJWs activities will be consumed in futile misdirection. Misdirection is always the better part of valor.

This isn’t a cultural war we’ve chosen, but it is one that the SJWs have thrust upon us. And we are all Spartacus.