More questions wanted

We’ve got over 1,500 questions for the trivia game, but I would like at least another 1,000 and we’re particularly short of a) classic arcade games and b) early console games, including Atari 2600, Intellivision, and Colecovision.

Please send them in .xls or .ods format in the following format:

[difficulty][question number][question][answer][multiple choice options][correct multiple choice answer]

For example:

[easy][1][On which planet is the game set?][Chiron][1=Hermes;2=Vesta;3=Chiron;4=Eunomia][3]

[easy][2][How many factions were added in Alien Crossfire?][7][1=5;2=6;3=7;4=8][3]

And so forth, where each set of brackets [] indicates a spreadsheet cell.
We need 10 questions per game, 4 Easy, 3 Medium, 2 Hard, 1 Expert. Easy
questions should be obvious; anyone who has played the game should be able to get
them right. No trick questions!

Please also provide the following information, either in the spreadsheet or in the email to which it is attached:

Game name
Genre: (action, adventure, strategy, rpg, sim)
Decade: (1980, 1990, 2000, 2010)
Designer name (if known)
Your name (for the credits)

If you know an old school game well, send in the questions!