They’ve been busy

It’s great to see how David Lambert and Alexandra Hollingshead, among others, have been so totally absorbed with reading all my books over the holidays….

It’s a good thing Goodreads banned the Rabid Puppies group or people might engage in an organized effort to attack authors by lowering their ratings!

This is why we need to establish non-converged cultural institutions and ruthlessly work to keep the SJWs out of them. SJWs will always stack the deck and do their very best to use whatever power they can obtain, be it petty or significant, in the interest of forcing social justice on society. And anyone who challenges their Narrative will not only be attacked, but silenced, and stripped of their ability to defend themselves or respond in kind, to the extent that the SJWs are able to do that.

“Society should treat all equally well who have deserved equally well of it, that is, who have deserved equally well absolutely. This is the highest abstract standard of social and distributive justice; towards which all institutions, and the efforts of all virtuous citizens should be made in the utmost degree to converge.”
 —John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism, 1861

Fortunately, efforts on several fronts are already underway, and your help will be needed on some of them. We’ll be having the January Brainstorm as soon as I get a time and date from the panelist I’ve selected, and we’ll be discussing the current state of the project I’ve chosen as my top priority as well as the panelist’s upcoming project.

It’s going to be short notice, so be prepared for that.

UPDATE: By the way, note that for all their posturing, SJWs clearly hate it when you call out their reviews for the ideological trash that they are.

I do suspect you’re a fake profile, much like some of the other lice which crawled all over my reviews of Day’s stuff.

Always hit back twice as hard. Remember, they are fragile creatures of little accomplishment; in many cases these attack “reviews” are their only sources of pride.