An SJW has a point

It’s time to fork OSS. Not just one project, the entire community needs to be forked so we can let the SJWs see if they can develop software by doing nothing but policing one another’s behavior. After all, we’re told that this is the most important part of software development.

Storm Henry ‏@hnrysmth
I see the Gamergate people getting more involved in this CoC debate and I see the dev community members welcoming & signal boosting them

Storm Henry ‏@hnrysmth
I want to make it super clear how messed up this is. When that circus comes to town bad things happen.

Storm Henry ‏@hnrysmth
I also see developers, especially in the PHP
community, who are just openly Gamergaters on their main accounts under
their real names

Storm Henry ‏@hnrysmth
Defo wanna see consequences for the guys
bringing GG into the OSS community. Wanna see some Lanyrd speaker
profiles abruptly stop at 2015.

Storm Henry ‏@hnrysmt
an easy thing you can personally do to help if you’re a developer is unfollow/block the guys who you know are buddying up with gamergate etc

Storm Henry ‏@hnrysmt
precedent needs to be set: you can have full access to the OSS
community, or you can chill with the organised harassment community. not

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
You’re absolutely right. It’s time to fork the entire OSS community.