Mailvox: stampeding the sheep

It’s amazing to see how the media was able to whip up a fearstorm on the basis of absolutely nothing, not even a dubious accusation.

I’m a long time lurker at your site. Today i got a panicked call from my daughter who goes to Boston University. The rumor on campus is that a dangerous group of men were planning to form a mob and rape women this evening. She wanted to know what to do to be safe. She sent me this link from facebook

I assured her that it was a hoax and that she had nothing to worry about from Roosh and company.

I thought that you might be interested to see this going around social media and that students are genuinely concerned.

This may be the most cogent argument against female suffrage ever presented. Especially considering that many, if not most, of the same young women will blithely insist that importing one million Muslim migrants can’t possibly cause any problems.

One would think these easily stampeded young women would be far more concerned about a man who has written about his own stalkerish tendencies. And remember, we have been reliably informed that “writing something that shows you’re a horrible person and then
proclaiming “it’s satire!” neither makes it satire or excuses you.”