BoREXIT is go

The Mayor of London declares his support for reclaiming British sovereignty:

Boris Johnson tonight declared he will campaign for Britain to leave the EU because it would save money and regain control for the British Parliament.

The Mayor of London electrified the EU referendum campaign by ending months of speculation and dismissing David Cameron’s EU deal as insignificant, saying he could not turn down this ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to quit the EU.

And he told the Prime Minister he was making the announcement by text just nine minutes before he appeared on live TV outside his north London home.

Mr Cameron was said to be ‘absolutely furious’ with the Mayor of London’s decision and earlier today he made a last ditch attempt to persuade him to join the In campaign by warning against ‘linking arms with Nigel Farage and George Galloway’.

Good on him. Johnson not only just ensured that he will become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain, he just significantly increased the probability that the title will actually mean something.

If you are British, vote BREXIT. Vote leave. Vote out. Escape the Fourth Reich while you can.