Mailvox: you are in their sights

DD knew about SJWs, but he erroneously believed that they wouldn’t target him:

I’ve been a reader of Vox Popoli on and off for a few years now, but I was stupid because I didn’t think the SJW stuff was relevant to my life experience. Until it was:

The TL;DR version is that I volunteered hours and hours of my time at an indie horror site over the course of about 8 months, but once the SJW proprietor learned that I was a conservative, he kicked me off the staff and attempted to blacklist me in the indie horror community. Which is pretty much a non-threat, but he figures it’s a big deal.

The culture war is relevant. It really is everywhere, and there’re no more sidelines to sit on. You were right about all of it, and I’ve since purchased SJWs Always Lie to get the full story and learn the best tactics.

You must understand this: SJWs are out to get everyone who does not submit to their Narrative. EVERYONE. This includes you. The fact that they haven’t attacked you yet only means that you’re not currently on their radar.

But at least he’s learned his lesson. He’s right: “Your forbearance is weakness.”

Don’t be weak. Don’t be quiet. Don’t be an easy target. Make sure they know that if they come at you, even with the benefit of an amenable authority, they’re going to come away bloody even if they manage to win.