Literally Wu proves SJWAL

Because SJWs always lie.

 [Larry Correia] and other conservative figures like Adam Baldwin are claiming that Twitter is breaking down on “free speech” and capitulating to the “SJWs,” which I guess means people like me. I have spent much of the last year asking Twitter and other tech companies to improve their harassment policies. There is one problem with Mr. Correria’s claim.

There is no evidence whatsoever for it.

None, zilch, zero. It’s a fantasy. A similar lie is going around that Twitter has put Anita Sarkeesian in charge of their Trust and Safety council, which is similarly baseless. I’ve spoken with a lot of tech companies in the last year and I have never heard anyone propose shadowbanning.

The only “proof” that Twitter is shadowbanning people comes from a disreputable conservative blog, that is so disreputable it cannot even be used as sourcing on Wikipedia. That blog used anonymous sourcing, and was written by someone with a personal axe to grind against Twitter.

The truth is, companies like Twitter are finally enforcing their own TOS if you threaten someone, dox someone, or set up an account specifically created to harass someone. That has led to some people being banned, and some accounts that perpetually break Twitter harassment rules to become deverified.

The backlash against Twitter is by people that prefer these system to remain as they are – a place where the women in your life will get rape threats, where anyone can have their private information posted, and where swarms of vicious mobs are destroying people’s reputation with slander.

The last I checked, almost 100 people have spread Mr. Correria’s baseless claim – and even more with Adam Baldwin. This is an important thing to fact check, and I hope you’ll share this to set the record straight.

Remember, Literally Wu is so stupid and dishonest that in addition to claiming that he is really a pretty, pretty girl despite conclusive evidence to the contrary, he once harassed himself without forgetting to log out of his other account first. He is as in complete denial of Twitter’s actions as he is of his own sex.

There is copious documentary and testimonial evidence that Twitter is shadowbanning various individuals on Twitter, among them me. Here is additional proof:

Samuel B Roberts @SBRoberts10 Feb 22
He’s so “boorish”! BTW, did the shadow ban thing end? I saw this on my feed.

ConantheCimmerian ‏@ConanTCimmerian Feb 21
Even though I follow him, I haven’t seen a direct tweet from @voxday in 2 weeks.

Taxi Driver ‏@northofdoom Feb 20
I never see direct @voxday tweets, despite following

ChateauEmissary Feb 20
Same here. No direct tweets from vox.

Some fantasy. It is telling that Twitter’s Committee of Public Safety isn’t saying anything, but has stalking horses running around publicly denying what Twitter is observably doing. Notice that the dates mentioned above just happen to correspond with the otherwise inexplicable decline and subsequent recovery of my impressions despite the number of my tweets being flat and the numbers of my followers increasing during the same period.

And if you weren’t already convinced that File 770 commenters are literal cretins, here is the relentlessly stupid Tasha Turner again:

A voice of reason

That, in a nutshell, is why I am more concerned about what my dogs think about the upcoming US presidential election than about anything an SJW might “think”. Any connection between what they say and objective reality is purely accidental.