No, that’s not it

It’s amazing how many so-called pundits and analysts are casting about, looking everywhere except at the real reason, in their attempts to explain why Trump supporters are angry:

Bernie Supporters’ Hatred Of Work Is Why Trump Supporters Are So Mad.

The cultural disconnect about the value of work explains why there’s an open revolt in both parties and the future seems so uncertain…. Indeed, it is precisely this cultural disconnect about the value
of work that explains why there’s an open revolt in both parties and
the future seems so uncertain.

If any one issue defines this election, it’s economic stagnation.
Many Trump supporters in the GOP feel left behind by the
twenty-first-century economy. They’re angry about it, because our
“follow your bliss” culture doesn’t begin to appreciate coal miners or
people who work in brake disc factories, even as it obsessively
venerates empty celebrity and people like social media executives and
hedge fund managers who are filthy rich in spite of the fact their
contributions to society aren’t very tangible.

Combine that with the
self-loathing these guys feel from, say, being laid off and having to
fake a fibromyagia diagnosis so they can collect disability and feed
their families, and you have tremendous resentment.

Trump was not only canny enough to speak to this, but he still
remains arguably the only candidate to forthrightly talk about issues
such as immigration that are feeding this anxiety, even if he speaks
about them with great ignorance. It’s regrettable in many ways, but it’s
also not a mystery why 30 percent of Republicans are lining up to
support a lunatic who has (allegedly) made a lot of money and wields
considerable influence despite now being despised by our cultural

What a prodigiously stupid headline. And what a transparently futile attempt to redirect that anger to the conventional Bad Democrat Good Republican channel. As usual, conservatives have it completely backwards. Americans are struggling economically, in part due to the economic policies that have caused their real wages to peak in 1973. But that merely exacerbates the anger that they feel at their country being subject to the largest invasion in human history, an invasion of 60 million that is nearly 16 times larger than Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union.

They want their country back. They want to see America be great again, not prostrate before the boots and burqahs of foreign invaders.

That is why they are angry.