“The Donald Trump of Science Fiction”

Prophetic words from the Puppinette:

Last year, during the lead up to the Hugos, I wrote a post about how this was more important than just a rocketship…. At the time, the idea that Donald Trump would be a serious front-runner for the Republican party was the fodder for jokes. It would never happen. But… if anyone was paying attention to what was happening in SFF, it should have been clear that the Rabid Puppies represented the same xenophobic, white supremacist drive that is giving Trump power.

Let me tell you, I’m terrified of the elections this year.

We’ve been writing dystopian novels as warnings for years. The Hunger Games? Reality Television as politics… not so far fetched right now, is it?

So let me be clear. The fight that is going on in SFF for inclusion is not small. It is not petty. It is a reflection of a much bigger problem, and if we, as a community, don’t start paying attention and trying to change the larger culture then we know how this will end.

Mary Kowall is a low-energy liar and a blatant cheater who bought over 40 Hugo votes last year. But “the Donald Trump of Science Fiction”? Flattering! Great honor!

(I have to admit, I thought her tweet on the subject was exactly eight percent funnier since it was about one “Theordore”.)

In any event, she’s right to be terrified of the elections. And she should be terrified of rather more than that. Little does she know what is on the horizon. Little does she know what is coming.

Her rather chagrined tweet in response to the reaction to her comparison was even more amusing.

Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette
I suspected this would be the case. 

See, she totally meant to do that. They still don’t seem to grasp that anything they say about the Supreme Dark Lord can and will be used against them. And not only by me and the Vile Faceless Minions. Like the Republican establishment, the self-righteous SJWs of what presently passes for science fiction have absolutely no idea how deeply and broadly hated they are.

Look at the novels on the right sidebar of her site. Does that look like science fiction to you? Does it even look like fantasy? No, it’s fucking romance and that’s exactly how her Pink SF publisher is trying to sell it. To even call it Pink SF is a bit of a stretch.

And like the Republican establishment, the SJWs of Pink SF simply do not understand why so many people are absolutely delighted to be able to support the man those SJWs fear and hate, whether they agree with him on many things or not. I’m now seeing traffic levels the PSF-SJWs used to fantasize and lie about having, and a fair amount of that is directly due to them.