Mailvox: Surviving SJW lies

An SJWAL reader explains that he never thought an SJW attack would happen to him, until it did:

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your articles on dealing with SJWs and their nonsense. I bought a copy of SJWs Always Lie and have gotten about halfway through it before life kicked in the door.  I had a run-in recently with the very tactics you have written about.  Last Thursday our payroll person emailed me that the HR Manager needed to speak with me.  I called him and he informed me that he had some paperwork for me.  I asked him to fax it to a third party I was working with.  He declined because it contained personal information.  He then told me he would scan it and email it to me.

No scan on Thursday. I emailed him Friday about it.  No response.  On Monday, we exchanged instant messages.  He said he would stop by my desk.  That never happened.

Tuesday came and I had had enough.  I emailed him wanting to know where the scan was and why was it taking him so long to get it.  I included my third party on that email.  Well, that shook the tree good, and I finally got a response.

“I told you that you needed to come and see me,” was the response.  Lie.

I sent him back a copy of his instant messenger exchange and reminded him that I a) needed the scan and b) he never stopped by my desk. No response. 

Finally, I had enough and looked up his boss. I sent her an email detailing all the events of the last few days. I also apologized for having to intrude on her time to intercede on my behalf. About thirty minutes later, I had a response from her saying that my scan would be arriving shortly.  Fifteen minutes later it arrived.

Lesson: keep records and use them against the other side when they stray from the straight and narrow.

That was very well done. But it’s important for the reader to understand that even if he didn’t have an enemy in HR before, he most certainly does now. So, I would recommend filing a formal complaint against the HR employee, because he will likely need it as evidence that the guy has it in for him, is known to be dishonest, and is prone to trying to cover his tracks, for when the guy sees an opportunity and decides to take a shot.

Because we can be confident that he’s going to at the earliest opportunity, as per the 2nd Law of SJW: SJWs always double down.

This is why, if you haven’t read SJWAL yet, you really should do so in the interest of career self-defense.