The rhetoric of the cuckservative

This is an informative rant from one of the white knights riding nobly to the defense of the “born American in Portugal” school. What is so very telling is combination of false assumptions and pop psychological projections; this is what happens when a rhetoric-speaker tries to make sense of dialectic:

I think we’re well rid of the lot of them, including Mr. HWSNBNBWIAEII. There’s an ethnographic term for someone who so badly wants to be one of the “in-group” conquerors that they ape everything they do. Colloquially, we refer to white boys that want to be black gang-bangers as “wiggers”. Mr. HWSNBNBWIAEII is an “English wigger”, because like the white suburban scion of the middle class trying to fit into the ghetto sub-culture, he’d never actually be accepted by the people whose group and culture he so badly wants to be an accepted part of.

Like I say elsewhere, transported to the era of their dominance, and from whence all this “wonder” he alludes to comes from, they’d laugh in his face, call him a dirty half-breed, and send him off to do their dirty work somewhere, making lying promises of future benefit and glory to he and his descendents. The historical record for that actually happening, for any of the race-traitors that they conned into doing their dirty work? Yeah… Ask around, and I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of people like my ancestors who will tell you it’s a mugs game. There is one historical truth you can take to the bank, anywhere and in any time period: Don’t trust the English.

Whether he likes it or not, he’ll never, ever be “one of them”, because he lacks the requisite pure blood, and they would consider what he does possess to be polluted. If it weren’t so laughably bizarre as a phenomenon, I’d feel empathy for him. As it is, I’m torn between laughing my ass off, and shedding tears for the poor guy. He really doesn’t grasp that he’d never, ever, not in a million f**king years, be considered one of them.

He’d be better off going to Japan, and trying the same thing. At least there, they’ll never lie to him by telling him he’s “one of them”, and then screw him and his descendents over at every opportunity, while simultaneously laughing at them behind their backs. The Japanese have the decency to at least be up front with their Burakumin, and admit to them that they never were human, and never can be…

It’s rather remarkable rhetoric. I would think it is entirely obvious that I don’t want to be a part of anything, and that I am not even remotely concerned with winning the social approval of the English. It appears we’re dealing with a gamma male here, given the combination of a) late arrival, b) white-knighting and c) the inability to even imagine a mindset that is not driven by a desire for social approval. But my preferences notwithstanding, I don’t make the rules and no man can survive online as an island, so I make my accommodations with reality and get by as best I can by being an honest observer, a loyal ally, and a ruthless Supreme Dark Lord.

As it happens, the Proposition Nation has been well rid of me, and my family, for nearly two decades. If they consider the trade of us for three times as many low-IQ, low time-preferenced Africans, Central Americans, and Arabs to have been beneficial, well, at least they are comfortable as they ride along their road to Hell.

You certainly can’t say that I didn’t see the chaos on the horizon.

What this noble champion of the Proposition Nation simply doesn’t understand is that nothing I write on the subject is personal or concerns me directly. It simply is. Unlike the Proposition Nationals, my position is not driven by emotion, wishful thinking, or personal interest. It is the result of my readings in history, particularly military history, and my observations of how the USA has changed dramatically in my lifetime. I anticipate that events are going to prove me correct in the future, and prove the Propositionals totally and violently wrong, because I am simply observing what has happened and what is now happening, rather than clinging to an absurd and self-serving fiction designed to make 19th century immigrants feel good about themselves.

Look at how many white knights rushed to assure Sarah that, in their opinion, she is too a Real American, in fact, even more Real American than any descendant of American revolutionaries who dared to call her status into question. Their thinking is purely rhetorical and their responses are aimed at the emotions; they are literally unthinking.

A recent poll reported that 61 percent of Americans said that immigration jeopardizes the United States. They are correct. 19 percent are immigrants and I expect that the other 20 percent said: “but my parents/grandparents were immigrants!”

The invasion of the USA by Sarah and 61 million others is the largest invasion in the history of Man. It is a foreign swarm three times larger than the entire armed forces of Nazi Germany. And whether they realize it or not, the invaders have collectively enabled the utter destruction of that which at least some of them claim to have loved.

The reason this isn’t obvious to them is because they never truly knew it.