Three of four

As I have repeatedly pointed out, the proportional states are not terribly significant except in that they are a harbinger of the very important winner-takes-all states:

MI: Trump 36.5, Cruz 24.9, Kasich 24.2
MS: Trump 47.3, Cruz 36.7
HI: Trump 45.5, Cruz 32.2
ID: Cruz 45.0, Trump 28.1

So, Trump significantly exceeded the 30 percent of the delegates he needed to take in all four states. And each state in which he outperforms that percentage reduces the percentage he needs in the other proportional states. More importantly, the feeble showing of Kasich in Michigan despite all the predictions of how he was rapidly closing in on Trump indicates that Trump is going to win both Ohio and Florida in six days.

And that should be enough to guarantee him the nomination. Especially if he picks up Missouri as well.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz’s campaign is at it again:

Marco Rubio’s campaign accused Ted Cruz’s camp of “dirty tricks” Tuesday, after Cruz supporters in Hawaii blasted out an email suggesting the Florida senator was about to drop out of the race. The email, sent by “Ted Cruz Hawaii,” cites a disputed CNN report claiming some Rubio advisers have told him to drop out of the 2016 race before Florida’s primary next week, fearing he could be humiliated by a defeat in his home state.

At this point, it makes no difference if Rubio drops out or not. Trump is going to crush both him and Cruz in Florida.